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      Karen Brown Counselling



We can all experience times when we feel overwhelmed and unable to cope. Usually, the feelings fade and we are able to get on with our lives but sometimes it can seem that the difficult times will never pass, leaving us stuck and at a loss to find the way through.  Life events can present us with great challenges to overcome or we can become entrenched in repeated patterns of behaviour which defy understanding.


Sharing your thoughts and feelings by talking with a trained counsellor can help you to find ways to cope with and deal with your current difficulties. My core training is as a psychodynamic counsellor which, with a foundation in psychoanalysis, believes that we are all the product of our prior experiences and that both consciously and unconsciously our present day patterns and relationships are influenced by what has happened to us previously. By exploring the roots of difficulties, it is possible to gain self awareness and understanding and bring about change in relationships and behaviours today. New choices can then be made about how you can live your life and conduct your relationships.


Everyone who comes for counselling has their own life history and experiences and it is very important to work together to identify your individual wants and needs from counselling. I am experienced at short term work where focus can be given to a particular problem or life event  - as well as open ended counselling where a deeper kind of change may be sought.

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