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      Karen Brown Counselling



Beginning counselling can feel very difficult and you may have questions and concerns. We would start with an initial meeting, allowing you to get some answers. We would talk about what has brought you to counselling at this time and I would ask you to tell me a little about yourself, your early life and major events. The session would last 50 minutes and hopefully allow us to consider what counselling can do for you. If we felt more time was needed we might set up another session to meet again, allowing you some time to think about how the first session felt and to bring back any further questions.  It is important that you get some time to reflect and consider whether you want to go ahead with the counselling and that you will be comfortable with me as your counsellor.


If you decide to begin counselling we will agree a time each week for the 50 minute session. I can provide sessions on weekday evenings and from 8.00am during the day time. The counselling could start with an approach of reviewing the work after six sessions, or in an open ended manner, which ever we feel is appropriate at this stage. We would agree this after our first (couple of meetings) and continue to discuss as the counselling progresses.


The usual fee for a session is £60.

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